Friday, November 18, 2011

The Real 99%

According to this protester, if your annual salary is less than $2,196,124 (or $6,017 dollars per day) you are part of the 99%. Perhaps the calculator function on her iPhone is not working properly. This is a chart showing income distribution in the year 2000: 
It appears to me that $6,017 might be a tad bit too high. Maybe the cut-off between 99% and 1% is a little closer to $100.

If your annual salary is greater than $36,500, you are part of the 1%, not the 99%.

According to the United Nations World Food Program, 1 in 7 people “do not eat enough to be healthy,” making hunger the single greatest health risk on the planet, killing more people than Aids, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. According to World Vision, “a child dies from hunger related causes every 15 seconds” and “more than 1/3 of all child deaths are caused by hunger,” though according to the World Food Program, “it costs just US $0.25 per day to provide a child with all of the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs to grow up healthy.”

This cardboard sign depicts a pervasive lie which has come to be known as "the American Dream."  If you have full immunizations, if you have chlorinated water pumped into your house, if you are not hungry, if you have been given 12 years of free education, if you are surrounded by fully equipped emergency rooms, if you are protected by the United States Army, if you enjoy the legal rights outlined in the United States Constitution, and if you make more than $36,500 a year, then you are not part of the 99%. You don't even live in the same world as the 99%.  And you certainly don't deserve any better.

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