Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does Overpopulation Justify Abortion?

Occasionally pro-choice advocates will suggest that overpopulation justifies abortion. Here is how I would respond:
Pro-choice advocate: If we outlaw abortion, might we not eventually reach a point where there simply aren't enough resources to go around?
Me: Overpopulation will never happen. I’ve found a solution to the problem.
Pro-choice advocate: What’s your solution?
Me: Whenever we approach the point where there isn’t enough to go around, we simply kill all of the weakest members of our society. We start at the orphanages, the shelters, the hospitals, the prisons, and the asylums, and we continue until the population has returned to a stable level. Not only does this solve the problem of overpopulation, but as an added benefit, we can harvest organs for scientific research.
Pro-choice advocate: That’s barbaric! We can’t solve overpopulation by slaughtering people!
Me: Exactly.

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