Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to quickly find a passage in the LOEB Classical Library

Here is a simple trick which will save you hours navigating the digital LOEB Classical Library.

Suppose you need to look up a particular passage, such as the following: Polybius, Histories 2.12.3.

The LOEB library does not contain a digital index allowing you to jump to a particular book and chapter, but there is a sneaky way to get around this. 

1) Search for the work you need.

2) Open the volume. [Steps 2-5 are necessary only because the style of citation varies from work to work in the LOEB library. However, once you complete steps 2-5, you never have to repeat them in subsequent searches of that same work.]  

3) Note the style of the book and chapter designations. [In some volumes you may have to flip a few pages before the text actually begins.]

4) Click “Back to Results.”

5) Click “Modify Search.”

6) Create a search to find the book and chapter. [Note that the search for chapter needs to be completed for both ‘verso’ and ‘recto,’ as shown below. This ensures that the search engine finds the actual chapter number, which appears in both the Greek and English text, and not a number in the footnotes.]

7) There it is!

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