Tuesday, March 14, 2017

6 Reasons To Believe God Exists

  1. The universe exists instead of nothing. 
  2. The universe is not eternal in the past but came into existence 13.69 billion years ago. (more)
  3. The universe came into existence ‘finely tuned.’ In other words, the constants and initial quantities of the laws which govern the universe happen to fall into the incomprehensibly narrow range of possible values which permit the formation of stars or life of any kind. 
  4. The first living cell – a city filled with complex machinery – arose spontaneously from non-living substances. 
  5. Life evolved from a single celled organism to human beings. However, through studying bacteria, the effects of unguided evolution have been observed over many generations, and the only beneficial mutations that have been observed involve the degradation of existing machinery. (more)
  6. Objective moral values and duties exist; morality cannot be reduced to a subjective construct of human societies. In other words, certain actions are truly evil, no matter what a particular society might think about these actions at any given time. (Note that this is the case even if the human perception of these objective moral truths is the result of an unguided evolutionary process.)
When I consider these phenomena, the simplest and most elegant explanation seems to be that God exists.

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