Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Eric Metaxas is Wrong about Trump

Eric Metaxas is a prominent Christian speaker and the author of a bestselling biography of Bonhoeffer (a Christian theologian who resisted Hitler). Over the past few weeks, Metaxas has been passionately urging Christians to vote for Trump. The recently released recording in which Trump discusses sexually assaulting women prompted Metaxas to take a brief hiatus, but he returned today in a post for the Wall Street Journal, once again urging Christians to support Trump. His argument is simple: Trump is despicable, but Hillary is worse. If she is elected, she will damage many lives. To not vote for Trump is to vote for Hillary. Thus, American Christians who do not vote for Trump are reminiscent of the German Christians who stood by passively and allowed Hitler to rise to power.

I disagree. 

I agree that Hillary is incredibly corrupt, and as a conservative, I believe her policies will be quite detrimental to the country. However, I simply fail to understand how Metaxas can be so certain that she will do more damage than Trump. Hillary is unfit morally, but Trump is unfit morally, intellectually, and emotionally. The damage that this unstable man could do to the globe is unfathomable. 

Furthermore, Metaxas fails to consider the long-term consequences of supporting Trump. Metaxas is urging conservatives to sacrifice all of their principles in order to gain one term. Perhaps Trump will win, but the GOP will have been damaged permanently. The best thing that conservatives can do for the future of this country is to disavow Trump as loudly as possible. This is the only way to ensure the continued existence of a strong, vibrant, principled movement that can oppose the detrimental policies advanced by the left. To embrace Trump is to kill the party of Lincoln and replace it with an authoritarian party that is every bit as frightening as the most radical elements of the liberal movement.